Dr. Marwa Hassan【6.28】Self-healing technologies in transportation applications
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Dr. Marwa Hassan【6.28】Self-healing technologies in transportation applications
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报告名称:Self-healing technologies in transportation applications(自愈合技术在交通基础设施的应用)

主讲人:Dr. Marwa Hassan

时间:2018年6月28(星期四 )下午14:30-15:30



Dr. Marwa Hassan is the Director of the regional university transportation center Tran-SET as well as the CETF Distinguished Professor, Jacobs professor of excellence and Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Construction Management in the College of Engineering at LSU. Her area of expertise is evaluation and characterization of sustainable infrastructure materials and Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA). Dr. Hassan has more than 20 years of industrial and academic experience in material science and characterization, LCA, and sustainable engineering. She has established a unique multi-disciplinary research and education program at LSU for undergraduate and graduate students focused on infrastructure sustainability and the use of advanced materials including nanomaterials in construction applications. Dr. Hassan has attracted research funding that exceeded $20.0 million, and has published with her students 65 refereed journal publications and 70 refereed conference proceedings. She is currently serving as the Construction Research Congress (CRC) Vice president and will be promoted to president of the organization in May 2017. She is a member of many Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committees including AFH10, AFH30, and AFH50. She is also a member of AFD001: Pavement Sustainability subcommittee. In addition, she is a member of the Construction Industry Institute (CII) academic committee and a friend of the Sustainable Pavement Technical Work Group (SPTWG). Dr. Hassan led the design and construction of the first photocatalytic pavement in the US.

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